Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Daybed Dreaming

Loving this look, so peaceful and tranquil, very inviting for those nana naps we all love but never get !!!

Just stunning, more a couch than a daybed but still looks great.

A great place to entertain your  friends and family.

This one reminds me of a Sunday morning sitting back reading the paper and having a cuppa . 
Well today I am dreaming of Daybeds, maybe cause I'm a little exhausted with preparations for our annual holiday, school's finishing and Christmas !!!  But when I look at pictures like these, I'm inspired to create my own little peace of paradise in my own backyard. I've always wanted a daybed and I'm actually after a little project that maybe I can sand back and stain or paint and add my own little touches to it ( cushions, cushions and more cushions, did I mention that I love cushions ! ). Don't get me wrong there are a lot of beautiful brand new ones out there but I think I'm after a little project.  Do you have a space like these at home or are you inspired to have a beautiful outdoor living area with maybe a daybed just like me ???

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  1. Great images, I especially love the striped cushions in the second shot (I'm a sucker for stripes!).