Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Little Weekend Project

I don't have a before picture only this one where we were deciding placement of trees.
 Here planted and all mulched.
 All cleaned up as you can see we have double palled the fence for privacy, and I still have some painting to do, not my favourite job and we have to screen the ugly tank. The pathway will also be Tiled.
Well here are some photo's of a little garden we did over the weekend. We are slowly working our way around the backyard till we reach the front yard that is a whole different project all together. Anyway I will give you a summary of the last 2 years, We sold our beautiful home on a fully landscape 3/4 acre block to have a lifestyle change ( more time to do family outings, bike rides etc..) as my Husband and I have our own business and maintaining the yards was a full time weekend job, which meant not a lot of time left for anything else. We sold our house in 3 weeks (Feb 2010) and had already found our new block of land, a whooping 800 sq metre block. We then had a 30 day settlement and moved into a rented property on my Daughters 6th Birthday. We then made the final touches on our house design and we were lucky we have a great builder and not a lot of bad weather so we were in by Oct 2010, funny enough the week of my Son's Birthday. A year later and we are still plodding along with gardens and the pool and all the little things that makes a house a home !!!

Mellissa xx


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects, Mellissa!!


  2. Hi mellissa, thanks for your message today. Goodness me aren't our doodles the spitting image? Ruby is still a bubby. Our Molly is 7 and a half. We were told she'd settle down when she turned 3 - we are still waiting! They're so much fun :)

  3. A great weekend project. Mimi xx