Friday, 9 November 2012


Well it's a lovely rainy day here in Brisbane, and I'm avoiding the housework !!! So I thought I would  give an update on the front yard. Here are the footings for the block wall above.

Here the wall is up and the beading is on ready for rendering. I missed getting some photo's of them building the wall because I was in hospital having my baby. 

 Here the rendering is all done, now for some painting.

Half the painting is done above in pic, I'm happy to say I got out of doing any painting because I just had a caesarean !!!.

Here it's all painted and we have started some gardens, we think it's looking great, sadly it's come to a stop as my husband has been working lots and lots as silly season approaches. We still have some garden edging, sandstone stairs, grass and letterbox to do.

Anyway there is the update, have to go now and feed the baby and start the house work I suppose.


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