Saturday, 27 October 2012

Busy Times and Birthday's !!!

Well here is my beautiful Princess at 5 weeks old. The time is just flying by. Since I last had the chance to post something we have had school holidays, my son had a birthday and turned 5, had some professional pictures taken of the family and had to go into work last week to help out, as the girl I work with had a blood clot in her leg !!! You could say it's been busy time of late.

Here is the Birthday Boy's cake, it's great isn't it. Would love to say I made it but I didn't, I have a friend who does it as a hobby for friends and family, also word of mouth, she's very good. We had a family get together at a Lagoon near Redcliffe, it has a playground, big Lagoon and a little kids water playground and it's right beside the beach. We had a BBQ Brunch and a great time was had by all and of course great Queensland weather !!!.

Anyway next time I will post photo's of the progress on our front yard it is coming along very nicely but slowly. I've also made a few purchases to finish the little princesses room off.

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