Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas : )

Well here are my little Christmas angels !!! isn't this photo great, they had such a great time putting up their tree and posing for photos.  This is the kids tree proudly purchased by Nanna ( a Christmas freak ) two years ago, along with a collection of decorations. It's their little tradition now every year they put it up in their play room at the end of November and have some photos done and every night they turn the lights on very proudly and look at their tree shine with delight. It's one of those treasured moments in life, that makes a lasting memory. This year they raided my old stash of red and gold decorations to add to their tree as the big Christmas tree has a Blue and Silver theme, which I have had for about 3 years now. Normally I'm all about a colour scheme but sometimes you just have to let go and let the kids create even if it's not exactly what you would do. The tree is very colourful this year with Blue, Purple, Pink, Silver, Red, Green and Gold and I think they did a great job !!!

Mellissa xx


  1. Hi Melissah,

    Love the tree and how your gorgeous children have decorated it and are so proud to turn the lights in the evening. I am now a follower of your great blog. Mimi xx
    P.S. Love your blog page xx

  2. Hi Mellissa! Lovely to meet you and your new blog. Congratulations on making the brave move into a new career, I'm looking forward to following your journey!