Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Journey Begins!!!!

Welcome to Down Ruby Lane, This is my first ever blog. I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a little about myself. I am a Wife and a Mother to 2 beautiful children, and I have 2 Dogs which I love dearly. I am a Hairdresser who is embarking on a career change, that would be Interior Design and Decorating. I have enrolled myself into a Colour Psychology Course and loving it, loving it so much my mind is on overload at the moment of all the endless possiblities of colour and design. At last I feel the passion,the drive and the excitement of a new challenge and it's very refreshing. Next year in February I will start the next course which is my beginners in Interior Design and Decorating and I am looking very forward to it. This will give me the skills required to move to the next step, in the mean time I will just hop aboard and go for the ride. I hope you will join me in my journey and adventures of colour, decorating, designing, children and Life !!!!!

 My Family
 Ruby and Bob
Mellissa xx

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  1. Hi Mellissa,
    Welcome to Blog Land, love your post and it has been a pleasure to have met you. Mimi xx